A36TC BONANZA – Understanding What’s Important About Your Aircraft As A New Buyer

Want to get up in the air? Soar over the clouds, fly with the pigeons, and so on? Well your going to want to pick something that’s safe, something you can trust that will get you up into the sky and back down with no unexpected surprises. If you want a safe aircraft, a solid piece of machinery, you’ll want to read a little further into this article.

Beechcraft, the company behind the bonanza series, is always conducting serious tests to insure the safety and durability of their aircraft. They’ve included a very sturdy Keel arrangement that spans from the nose of the cabin to the aft end. Its part of a solid rollover structure that has BONANZAJP various anchor points for secure shoulder harnesses for all passengers.

Most planes only emergency exits are the doors, however on the A36TC Bonanza all the windows are made ready to open and provide easy emergency exits. Not that you’ll be needing to make a hasty exit, but its nice to know its included all the same.

Chances are if anything happens to go wrong, the most likely scenario is you’ll have to make a hasty landing. Owners report the plane as one of the easiest to land. The Landing gear is electromechanical and therefore is very reliable, something that can’t be said about other aircraft series.

Another safety aspect is that the higher control translates directly into extremely stable handling. The A36 wont spiral out of control if the pilot spills coffee on his lap, and has to diver his attention for a few minutes. The plane (for the most part) stays upright and on course, which is important because loss of control in IMC is the significant cause of accidents in aviation.

When you purchase an A36TC you can look forward to steady supply of parts that are crucial for upkeep maintaining its durability and safety.

Beechcraft is still producing new Bonanzas off the assembly line and the quality of the machine insures that there are always new pilots waiting to buy. Therefore getting parts for aircraft isn’t a problem. Although owners have commonly reported that the cost for these parts is substantial.

Owning a Bonanza has always carried a high price tag with it. This is true of any aircraft however, with fuel alone costing about 90 dollars an hour in flight. When it comes to trusting your life to a metal can that takes you up thousands of feet above the earth, every penny spent is worth some peace of mind.

Whatever you pick as your aircraft of choice, remember to check your instruments before flight, and fly safe.


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