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Duncan Ceramic Glazes – Find Out About the 3 Amazing Types Here

Duncan ceramic glazes are great products to consider for your pottery projects. They’re totally lead-free and food-safe. Plus, you have 9 different selections that you can choose from that’ll help you bring out the best in your ceramics. So, whether you’re just a novice, or a master potter, Duncan ceramic glazes will have something that’s just right for your needs.

Duncan ceramic glazes are one of the best quality glazing products out there that are tableware safe, lead-free, and non toxic. In fact, school age children can use these without fear of any toxic effects. All nine varieties possess effective and specific functional and decorative features that are appropriate for different types of applications. With these, you can enjoy varied levels of gloss finishing and color and design results.

The said nine glazes by Duncan Ceramics are categorically named as Cortyard Art Glazes, Designer Glazes, New Pure Brilliance Clear Glazes, Bulk Clear and Dipping Glazes, French Dimensions, Crystals and Crackles, Satin Glazes, Neon Envision Glazes, and Envisions Glazes.

Distressed Denim, Saffron Silk, and Teal Tweed-do they ring any bells? If you’re thinking about clothing fabrics, then you’re on the right track. But, these are also the names of Duncan’s group of fashionable glazes that are under their Designer Glaze collection. There are actually 9 types. The remaining types are Organza Orange, Cabon Chiffon, Natural Linen, Forest ceramic easter decoration  Flannel, Crimson Chenille, and Khaki Canvas.

What is the Duncan Designer Glaze Collection? As what was mentioned, this is composed of nine different types. This collection consists of high-grade art ceramics glazes that replicate the look, feel, and color of popular couture fabrics. These are ideal for both serious and casual potters. To achieve a more dramatic effect, you can mix-and-match these with other under-glaze and on-glaze products under this brand.

For learning purposes, the Neon Envision Glazes are perfect and safe to use around kids. The six options under this collection are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be completely lead-free and non-toxic. This collection is available in colors green, orange, yellow, blue, red, and chartreuse.

Raku firing is one of the most popular methods of making ceramics. Its products are widely loved because of their unique crazing patterns that add to their charm. This method is very tricky and tiring to do. Fortunately, Duncan Ceramics offers a little help through their Crackles Glazes. This glazing type is particularly made to form beautiful fissure-like designs, just like Raku potteries. Unfortunately, this is not recommended to use for making tableware pieces.


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