Horse Racing Bets – The Each Way Angle

Horse racing bets don’t come much better than this! As far as I am concerned this bet is the one bet that needs perfecting. With the right knowledge of how and when to place this type of bet, your betting success can sky rocket. The very ultimate in horse racing bets for sure.

We have already explained the basic use of the win single bet in this series. We now need to focus on the use of this ufa most useful of horse racing bets. It is not the easiest thing to explain to those new to the game. However every single horse racing punter must adopt this approach.

I personally know one of the greatest horse betting minds ever to grace this planet. This approach, he and many others like him including myself, use daily to make money betting on horses.

To place an each way bet, is simply to place two bets at the same time. Instead of having your entire £10 stake on a win single. You would place £5 each way. Each way being, you now have a £5 win single bet and you also have a £5 place bet.

Place meaning that your horse needs to finish in the official places for a race to collect that part of your bet. If you hit the jackpot and your horse wins, then you are paid out on both sections of your bet. If your horse were to finish outside of the official places then you would lose your entire stake money.

Psychologically each way betting when you know what you are doing, is far superior than backing win singles. It is easy to rack up a string of losers when betting to win only. However, with experience well placed each way bets are far more likely to show a return. The place part of the bet can be used to protect the win stake if the mathematics are correct. We will go in to this later on in one of our more intermediate lessons. The 2011 Cheltenham Festival will see 26 of the best handicap and steeple chase races, making it a fantastic occasion for horse racing fans and bettors alike. Picking winners is notoriously difficult, meaning that often bookmakers emerge victorious over the punter. However, with the large number of free bets available punters can minimise their losses by betting with the bookmakers’ money instead of their own.

The Festival is the busiest week of the year for bookmakers, with an estimated £800 million gambled on the races that make up the festival. Because of this, all bookmakers are competing for the business of horse racing fans, and for 2011 there will be over £1000 in free bet offers available, which is a substantial amount of free cash to any punter.

Using promotional offers not only minimises losses, but it also allows punters to speculate on longer-odds horses that they wouldn’t usually like to risk their own money on. With over 26 different online betting sites offering Cheltenham free bets, it is possible for those betting on the Cheltenham Festival bet with the bookmaker’s money on each race if they were to open an account with each individual betting site.

To qualify for these offers the customer placing a bet risking their own funds, and then the online betting site matching this bet with the same stake on an alternative selection of the customer’s choice. The shrewder punters out there often back a low odds ‘banker’ selection with their own funds, and then use the promotional stake on a riskier, longer-odds, more rewarding selection.

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