Necessary Anime – Is the PR Fair?

Anime is great especially heavy shows with good public relation reviews. Like music, plays, and movies, they fall into an intricate part of hype for society. Some acquire the PR, but surely some don’t obtain enough. Dragon Ball Z is an example of good pr to let the MyReadingManga crowds notice it’s hype. That agent did an extremely good job making it noticed to the people. Ghost in the Shell is another, but are they really the only A-1 animes out there? I’ve found several others that really push the edge of excitement. Heat Guy J is an awesome anime. The story of a man investigating a conspiracy of crimes committed by an unsuspected person is fun thinking. However did this anime get the pr the above mentioned did, I think not. This made it more unreachable for people with that sort of interest. I’m just putting the truth out there. You all decide wheather or not it is worth it.

PR is a tool that needs to be used for better promotion to people. Not the overall business exec’s opinions. That would take the cake so to speak. Did Galaxy Railways or Claymore get the PR Dragon Ball Z did? In my opinion they should have. They rocked just as much if not slightly less than it did. True, Dragon Ball Z may be the best anime of all time, however did you put stock in noticing it or did you just listen to PR before you ever watched it.

My point is several anime such as the above mentioned and others are not really syndicated enough. So i leave you with two questions. What would you say about agents and there pr now? Did this open your eyes to that there are other anime out there that should be promoted better? Hope you enjoyed the read. Check out my blogg, please. Thank you for taking the time. I have been into anime since 1984 when i was a 4 year old little boy. It has been a genre of exciting and intriguing events for me. It is a great way to really start to acknowledge a lot around you from political views to just plain entertainment of the world.

What I am saying this for is it gives you, though it is fiction a good back ground to look up nonfictional events and see the actual reading between the lines it takes to discover truth about topics, discussions, and events that tend to follow upon the world today.

An example is some know some things about organized crime but in a few animes I have watched in my days such as Black Lagoon, I have saw a more distinct pattern that if you study real events based on what you have seen with different names in animes then you can find so much more via internet and books.

It seems to me that the authors of these dramatic stories have really taken a wide eye view to all the things around them to go to the back door and message their meaning a crossed the minds of the people. However if this is not a possibility and you think anime is just an entertainment purpose then by all means disagree with me. It is just that I have found this back door observation to be profoundly interesting in my level of learning which has lead me over the years to not turn a weary eye anymore.

Thanks to anime as one of my resources I have discovered that it helped me in a lot of aspects in everyday society to drive me to learn more about real events so I’m not kept in the dark as much anymore. I encourage you to look more into my discovery. However do enjoy your anime for they are good graphic and enticing story lines to enjoy too. That is something worth having in an off chance that boredom strikes. Anyway to the reader, I thank you for your time and remember to always look at the big picture to see. Before you read this article, I would like to state that i am not affiliated with Capcom in any way. I have written my own opinion with the intention of giving a genuine idea of how i felt about a game. I do appreciate numbered scores that rank games, however, I feel that a game’s score should be derived from one factor, and that is enjoyment.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a Nintendo DS video game. You may or may not have heard of this game, or be aware of the fact that it belongs in a series of games in the Ace Attorney series. If you haven’t yet taken the plunge into the narrative oasis that is Ace Attorney, here’s why you should at least wet your feet.

First, consider the reputation that the Ace Attorney series has. Capcom, the game’s publisher, has issued a statement that the series has moved 3. 8 million units worldwide. To give some perspective, Ace Attorney ranks as Capcom’s 9th best selling all time series. These games belong in the same class as Capcom’s big names like Street Fighter and Resident Evil. Here are a few reasons Ace Attorney’s prestige is warranted.

Let’s examine the latest entry in the series, Miles Edgeworth. The game, like its predecessors in the Phoenix Wright series, is linear. What this means is that there is one coherent narrative that the developers wished to impart to players. Some gamers might scoff at the game’s lack of multiple narrative outcomes such as those present in Bethesda’s Fallout 3 and Bioware’s Mass Effect, and to them I say: shut up.

There is a very obvious difference between a single, carefully crafted story that makes use of literary techniques and a bundle of loosely related stories that produces a small amount of satisfaction for the reader. I’m no literary expert, but I can discern between an experience that i enjoyed and one that i did not. Having said that, I can proclaim that i would prefer to read a short, singular work that i will remember than a long, botched together assembly of children’s books that is destined to collect dust in a tin bucket after having failed to sell at a yard sale.

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