Shredded Tire Mulch For Playground is Fun, But is it Safe?

I am completely sold on shredded tire mulch for the playgrounds. I had the best time at the park since I was a child because of it.

I first like to let you know that I am a grandmother of two beautiful girls. One is 9 and the other is 2. When I spend time with them I take them to the park often. Just like I did for my children.

Although these two are much more active, especially the two year old daredevil princess. She is so brave and wants to try to do everything the older children do.

The park setups are so fabulous now with the new rubber surfaces, sand, and tire mulch.The sand was great until you had to clean every inch of your child before going into the house just to remove the outer sand. Not to mention the sand for the cleaning phase two when indoors.

Playground Surface Options

The sand was always everywhere! Hair, clothing, diapers, and feet! How awful, but the children always had a wonderful time.

Rubber Matted Surface
The rubber matted playground surface was a very ingenious idea but with Florida heat the grounds were so hot, you had to worry about the children getting burnt. The rubber matted surface absorbed so much heat.

Shredded Tire Mulch
The shredded tire mulch was the answer all along. I even remember trying to think of ways to may them useful because of the problems with the disposal issues.The shredded tires are dyed different colors, They stay cool because of the small parts and the children have fun playing, falling and jumping in them.

Rubber tire mulch for playgrounds had to be one of the best ideas of this time. I enjoyed myself like never before. I of course had to try out  안전놀이터  this new surface. (When other adults were not around).

I slid down the slides for the first time in many many years. I was hooked as were my grandchildren. My two year old granddaughter had no bumps and bruises from falling. I am pretty sure she when she did fall, she did it on purpose!

No sand clean up, no surfaces too hot from sun.This is great I tell you….or is it?

Hazardous Waste
Now after the excitement wore off weeks later I remembered that tires were always considered toxic waste. My further research let’s me know that the chemical in the mulch cause gardens not to perform well because of these chemical being released when wet.


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