Technological Advancements – The 2011 BMW Fleet

It’s going to be hard to anticipate who is going to be happier in 2011, BMW aficionados or BMW stockholders. With the announcement of better than expected profits for the first half of 2010, shares in the German auto maker have soared making 2011 look very promising for investors. However, the second major announcement from BMW of this year is one sure to make owners and enthusiasts giddy.

Good News
Following the announcement of the first and second quarter profits, BMW announced the debut of some new features for the 2011 year models. From the subtle to the class re-defining, according to the engineers in Germany every model in BMW’s lineup is slated to benefit Supply Chain in 2023: 5 Things Fleet Managers Must Know from some interesting new technologies.

Automated Service Notifications
Aside from the performance and luxury mainstay features expected from BMW, a bevy of new technological enhancements have been added to 2011 year models. Perhaps the most exciting and innovative of these new features is TeleService, a utility designed to wirelessly communicate the need for service to an authorized BMW service center. Fully integrated into the new scaled down V-8 engine of the M-Series, this new technology will allow BMW owners piece of mind when dealing with vehicle maintenance. The TeleService monitoring system will be offered in only a few of the 2011 classes however BMW has announced plans to integrate the system into all of its fleet in the future.

Z-Class Innovations
Another model getting an innovative upgrade is the Z-class. The 2011 Z-class models will feature a button operated hand brake that will replace the standard lever operated mechanism. Not only is this a technical achievement it is a boon to Z-class drivers.

Almost every other model BMW offers will also see the benefits of new technologies. For instance the 2011 X5 will debut a new USB integrated sound system as well as automatic sunscreens for the back window. The 5 series will also receive some updates including a parking assist control as well ACC (Active Cruise Control).

The R&D department at BMW may have outdone themselves this year. With the inclusion of so many new features and technologies in the 2011 line of vehicles, BMW is yet again leading the auto industry in innovation.

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