The Best Powerball 5-53 Strategy

There are hundreds of strategies that claim to hit the jackpot prize for the Powerball 5/53. This can be really enticing! Imagine winning to as much as 50 million dollars which of course can be received in lump-sum since you can not risk your life if you receive the whole jackpot price at once right? Draw dates happen Wednesdays and Saturdays so brace yourself. You might just win a couple hundreds or thousands of dollars to as much as $55 million!

Some people use a mathematical equation that deals with the theory of probability in capturing the chances of winning. While some are just sticking to their lucky numbers and letting the heavens run its proper course. Some have considered using the Fibonacci sequence. Yes, the one Tom Hanks used to decipher a numerical sequence in The DaVinci Code movie.

Perhaps one of the best way to play the Powerball 5/53 is to play the odds. Playing this way is perhaps what everyone claims to do – from BlackJack, to Poker, Horse Racing, Dog racing and other kinds of games where you have to bet money at. What do they do? They analyze the data. They keep track of its history to be able to find trends or patterns to the next possible winning combination.

This not only works for games that require bets, 파워볼사이트 it also works for business and government dealings. No, no betting, dealing with possibilities based on a handful of random events. In using this particular strategy to come up with excellent number combinations for the Powerball 5/53 you have to take the following considerations in mind:

Always keep in mind that there is absolutely no guaranteed way to win the Powerball 5/53 otherwise if there was such a way to win it, no one will have to suffer the economic crisis. It’s just like betting if it will rain tomorrow or if the phone will ring after you count to twenty. You’ll actually never know the outcome of some things but you can always get ready for it so when it strikes, you will not get shocked.

Try not to bet on the number 10. For the past months beginning in November of 2008, Number ten was drawn only for 19 times. It may have changed with the recent ones, but take this as a strategy. Use hot numbers. By paying attention the Powerball 5/53 draws, search for the numbers that usually come up in each and every draw. From there, you could even make your own combination! Learn how to play like a pro and not rely on numbers that appeared in your dreams. They might help but learn to play the odds.

Just pick out a strategy that you are comfortable with and stick to that system. Once you have a consistent way of turning simple tickets to profitable investments, you surely can start realizing your dreams. It helps to keep on trying and strategizing. Who knows? You can be the next lotto jackpot winner!


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