The Connector Market Will Go Up

In recent years, the applications of connector in some wireless electrical devices are becoming more and more, such as the optical fiber connector, USB2.0 high speed connector and broadband connector. The hot application in this market is changing frequently, for example, the requirement for the networking and the current resistant of the connector becomes high with the development of the corporation and market; the popularization of the web television is related to the application of antenna which needs the small embedded antenna. waterproof wire connectors diy   8Therefore, the connector must be small and environmental protective in the future; the body control and remote communication of automobile also challenge the intelligence of the connector. Corporations are trying to be characteristic and following the demand of market.

The connector market is sensitive to the change of the terminal field, which was greatly influenced by the economic crisis in 2009. The sales of electronic products were declining in that year. It was estimated that the connector market had decrease by 25% because of the economic crisis in 2009. We can find that Europe is still the largest market of connector which is worth some $8.486 billion annually from the data; North American is the second largest market of connector which is worth $7.131 billion annually.

Although the connector market was influenced in 2009, we could still find some new applications which drive the development of connector market, such as the wireless technique and new energy technique. The wireless technique made the connector market increase five percent in the past five years. The popularization of the 3G network also gives development space to the communication connector. What is more, the rapid development of consumer electronic, car electronic and the internet of things make Asia as the most promising place. With the emergence of the growth point, the connector magnates are releasing the corresponding products to occupy the market share. All in all, the connector market will go up in the future years.



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