The Drama Of Comedy

Most often times we receive some good news or some bad good bad news. Life has many stages of drama. Hollywood does not have the lock and key on acting. We are all actors to a degree. Our approach to life’s daily tasks can be good or bad according to the attitude that we wake up with. Each day in our lives attitudes are shown in a positive or negative light. One philosopher called our dilemmas as sweet lemons and our joys sour grapes.

Or, in better words you can’t have your cake and eat it too. I bedded to differ in which I will have the cake the icing and all of the trimmings because life is a party. You must learn to look at life as a continuous education.

Laughter soothes the savage beast. To laugh is medicine in its self. Even better if you can laugh at yourself. That’s right ease up, don’t be so hard on yourself. Learn to laugh. Smiles start from within. On my desk there is a calendar entitle: A Joke A Day.

Each day I read a poem anecdote riddle or funny story. There is drama in comedy. So be honest when was the last time that you laughed until you could not stand it?

If you are a theatre fan you come to love the comedy as well as the tragedy. Most of the stories that we see in the theatre have happy endings. Other are tragic and show how man can be inhuman.

Dramedy is a new term used today to describe a normal view of people in dramatic situations. Most scenes in our daily TV  Dramacool make light of conflict and problems of every day life. The main character is in a difficult situation. Thus, familiarity of a particular known character appeals to our senses and our emotions. Often times the character has a funny walk a crazy look or a certain behavior the demands a laugh.

Most writers get hung up with making comedy too hilarious and drama deathly serious.
Drama is based on difficulty of the situation. Comedy is written to appeal to the feelings. Drama on the other hand deals with the emotions. A heart wrenching story can make anyone cry. And with comedy a good joke can make anyone laugh.

In comedy we react to things on the same level. Comedy often leaves the viewer laughing and quoting a new phrase, a quick poem or anecdote. My favorite TV show was Sanford and Son. Fred had the look and the quotes that left an impression on me until this day.

If you write comedy or dramedy take the time to let the viewer or reader to get into your head. Timing is everything for a good punch line. Or as Fred would say “Five of these across the Lips’ While holding up his fist at Aunt Ester.



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