The Impact of Table Computers on Retailers Selling Magazines and Newspapers

In a smart move, the Virgin organization is providing free access between Christmas and the New Year to the launch issue if Project, their digital only magazine available through the ipad. I grabbed my copy yesterday. It’s pretty cool – making good use of video and some clever navigation techniques as is de rigueur for ipad magazines The Gorila. I like the experience and think Project will appeal to ipad users.

After looking through the magazine, I thought about whether I would subscribe. Probably not. While the content is quite unique and the experience very ipad friendly Net Jeb, I am looking for an experience which takes me completely away fro the magazine experience. This is where I think we are headed.

The ipad experiences being developed today are to help people transition to the device Bitly USA. The real innovation will be in second generation apps and beyond, where the experience is not like today’s print magazine experience. Indeed, the experience will not be anything like a magazine as we know it.

How people access, consume and share news and information has changed dramatically in the last few years vents Today. Magazines, print, online and digital on devices like the ipad, are still coming to grips with this. The world is quite different to the world in which their older style products were conceived.

The challenge for older model publishers is that the needs of advertisers are out of sync with the needs of consumers. Look at any local viral story from the last year. A decade ago, the story would have sold tens of thousands of copies of newspapers. Thanks to Twitter and mobile phones, viral stories now spread faster than any older model media outlet could handle.

This is the experience I am looking for from my ipad, connecting me with breaking stories closer to the source and with the capacity to comment, add, forward and otherwise interact with the story. This is what next generation apps will offer, making the currently cool looking Project app seem out of date quite soon.

That said, I also want the device to connect me with analysis and review – I am happy for this to be in a more traditional newspaper or magazine experience. However, given what I can get today online for free, I am not so sure that I will pay for it on the ipad. Every year on Christmas, everyone tries to find a beautiful way of expressing one’s love and affection. It is the best time of the year when one can think of the most beautiful gift and give it to those whom he or she loves the most. When it comes to gift ideas, the market is inundated with many ideas that you will find very interesting. A gift straight away from the shop might not be the best possible gift. However, you can think of amazing personalized gifts and getting magazine subscription can be a wonderful idea.

Magazine subscription as personalized gift option is the right choice to influence one’s interest and choice. Think of your friend who is a budding shutterbug. A photography issue would be the right choice for him. Such issues are meant for all ages though the budding and professional ones will find interest in them.

Getting the subscription for women’s issues for your best niece would be wonderful since she would appreciate the kind of choice you have made to stir her interest. Imagine how woman love to flip through the women monthly issues where there are topics on woman-related issues, styles, cooking and much more. Therefore, any woman would love to get a subscription gift for such issues that will actually rouse her interest.

Men love sports. Getting your best male friend or your brother a good subscription for sports issues would be an ideal choice. These kinds of issues cover various sports topics, which are based on baseball, football, volleyball, tennis, cricket and much more. Being hooked to such magazines will ensure that the person reading it can stay in connect with the latest news of sports world. This will not only be informative but also very enriching.

Instead of running from one store to another, you can simplify your task by searching the various issues through the Internet so that you learn what the various categories are and what they actually cover. Then you can dissect the choices among your friends according to their tastes.

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